Our technology inherited from Almine Group's technology with over 60-years experience.

Production of Aluminium Coil

Wire rod coil is key products of Almine Vietnam Co., Ltd. and with the continuous casting line and two furnaces with a capacity of 25 ton each piece, our max.

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Production of Aluminium Wire

Drawing wire materials are also key products of Almine Vietnam Co., Ltd. with 04 drawing machines. (Suifuto, 6 roller drawing machine and 02 pieces of 17 roller machines), the max.

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Production of Aluminium Bar

We have a production line for manufacturing all kinds of aluminum alloy bars with sizes 9.15; 11.15; 13.15 x 3000mmm and the length and diameter can be adjusted...

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Aluminium Coil

We are able to manufacture all kinds of material from the 1000 series to 6000 series with a total capacity of 1,500 MT/month.

These are very special aluminum alloys used for automotive, motorbike, steel, foodstuff industries, and others.

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Aluminium Wire

Nowadays, the use of aluminum wire is growing up rapidly and it has increasingly replaced copper as the conductor of choice in utility grids. The metal as significant cost and weight advantages over copper...

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Aluminium Bar

This kind of products has a very strict requirement in respect of tensile strength, elongation, roundness, appearance, and chemical components….

The current aluminum bar manufactured by Almine Vietnam mostly is A6061-BD

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Awards & Certificates

Almine Viet Nam’s Awards & Certificates are such as: